Each of our volumes is a sacred co-creation.

We all begin the process of writing & creating at the same time.

This allows the process to become a sacred container that makes each volume a

unique & special experience.

*We do not accept individual submissions.

Each volume includes anywhere between 20-30 co-creators.

This is a number that insures that I am able to personally connect, 

guide & be of support  to each co-creator, as well as

check-in periodically & help in any way I can during the process.

The VAST majority of folks who have contributed are folks who I have never met in the physical.

Some, I personally reach out to because I feel that their work is powerful & would be of value to others, others are those who were interested in contributing & reached out to me themselves &

others still are those who answered my calls for contributors on social media.

LAC_ Ojo de Dios_ Illustration-png-07.pn


We are an ever growing collective.

This will never change.
Some contributors return more than once, some don't,

its all a matter of timing & what works best for the theme of the current issue.
There is no staff, no hierarchy, no core-group of co-creators, no inner circle, no official positions,

just me sitting here at my desk drinking tea, while my kids are at school, my partner is at work,

in between all the mundane sacred moments that make up our lives,

learning along the way & doing it all with so much love.


When I say "we" referring to Life As Ceremony I mean

ALL of the co-creators who have ever taken part in the co-creation of our volumes.

Finally...this means


you who are witnessing, and supporting this vision.
WE are Life As Ceremony.

This is how we turn our process into ceremony.

It is a sacred offering & it's the only way I ever want to do it.

Humbly & with love,

If you're interested in co-creating drop us a note through our CONNECT page,

we'd love to hear from you!