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“Ancestry is the root of our existence. It is the melody that has allowed us to sing our song til today. The open path where we graciously walk and find our practices, our beliefs, our love, and our fight. Life as Ceremony has granted this and much more for me and I’m sure, for many other folks who are fans of this platform as well. It has been a platform where i have been able to find myself but also the ones before me.As a Latinx womxn myself, it is important to be able to relate to the art, the words, the rituals, the media of this world today. Which are some of the many facts that L.A.C offers. When asked to create a piece of art that symbolized L.A.C I must have had a thousand ideas. This platform has been medicine to my soul. I wanted to create a piece where it encompassed women of color in a rich, magical like setting. Plants always resonate to me. It is a reminder that we are intact with the nature of this world as one. So of course I wanted to create a botanical setting along with the symbolism of evolution; a butterfly. The butterfly is ever evolving, always growing. Which amplified my beliefs of L.A.C and the medicine it gives us folks. It gives us wings, it gives us growth. My medium for me is to use bold colors in my art practice. For me, it is a sense of a vivid vibrant life! A life owed to the struggles of POC. With the vision of Alice as well, we both birthed this piece of beauty of what L.A.C encompasses; pure bliss, magic, and knowledge and hope it is a symbolic art piece for many other folks who wish to honor what L.A.C stands for.” - Kimberly Rodriguez • Poeta Goddess •

3x3 in. Glossy Magnet • Art by Kimberly Rodriguez •

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