The Birth of Life As Ceremony

Spring is just around the corner, here in Portland, the signs of growth and rebirth are slowly and gently emmerging...the green blades of tulips are rising from the wet soil, bright little crocuses are popping up on every corner and the trees are sprouting tender neon green tips and little clusters of buds. Soon this wet and mostly grey city will be bursting with colors and fragances to delight the senses! With Spring almost here, we are getting ever closer to the launch of our first Issue of Life as Ceremony magazine! We are beyond excited to share what we have been working on. All Winter it has been incubating, developing, growing and soon, in its perfect Divine timing, we will give birth this vision that we have put so much love into!

In this first journal entry I wanted to share with you the reasons I felt callled to and needed to make this vision a reality. These words come directly from the first email I sent out the the women I hoped would join me in co-creating this offering of love. Here I share with you the birth story of Life As Ceremony:

In the last year, I have been so fortunate to come to know and love some amazing women. Women with SO many gifts to share, they have been my mirrors, reflecting back to me all that I know is inside of me, they give me strength and courage and support. These are invaluable relationships that I feel all women would benefit from having in their lives! They have so lovingly and openly shared those gifts with me, but also they have helped me to understand that it's important for me to share my own gifts! I have also been witness to the magic that occurs when we come together to share ideas, to speak our dreams and work collectively to bring them to life. Unfortunately, some women may not feel that they have a support system or community of such wise and wonderful women to guide them along their own life journey. There were many times when I felt alone or confused before I found this great support system and my intention with this project is to give women a feeling of companionship on their journey. To let them know that we are here! We often felt confused and alone but we are reflections of each other so none of us is truly ever alone.

We feel you! We see you! We hear you!

I truly feel that wisdom is most valuable when it is shared. Life as Ceremony was born from a vision to bring together some of the wise and inspirational women I have been fortunate enough to form connections with and share their gifts in a beautiful and tangible package that can be spread far and wide! Life as Ceremony will serve women in a few ways: 1) As a guide for women who are looking to connect with their Soul Self and find their connection to Spirit but feel they don't have other women around them who they can turn to or maybe they just don't know where to begin! 2) As a resource full of inspiration in the form of beautiful teachings on plant medicine, body movement, breath work, moontime rituals, self love/care, journaling, basics on working with tarot or other divination methods, how to's , art, poetry, stories, a place for mama's to share their experiences & stories, teachings and activities to share with our children, healing food recipes and so much more! 3) As a catalyst for collaborative creation! We can create so much beauty when we work together and support each other. Maybe one woman writes an article and another makes art for it, maybe its a collaborative photo shoot...the possibilities are endless! I'm also hoping to bring women together to make collaborative creations that will be available for purchase with the magazine on a limited edition basis. The first Issue will be published in early Spring. For this first issue we are exploring the themes of : Birth, Growth, Expansion, Opening...

I am really hoping to make this more of a guidebook or companion that women will cherish, keep close and turn to when looking for guidance or inspiration. I also hope it's tangible form will be an invitation to gently move us away from our screens and devices, to empower us to spend some time reconnecting with ourselves and to give us space to slow down if only for a few moments as we reflect on the words or visions within its pages.

Humbly & with love,