Life As Ceremony is an independent bi-Annual print journal

Our journal centers Indigenous folks, Black folks, communities of color,

the LGBTQIA community & those otherwise marginalized,

erased or forgotten.

LAC_ Ojo de Dios_ Illustration-10.png


Our vision is to cultivate a space where we can come together for a shared purpose,

to explore themes that reflect our collective experience,

to dive deep into a container of co-creation,

& to encourage collaboration.


This is a space for the histories & lives,

struggles & triumphs,

suffering & joy,

talent & brilliance

of our too often overlooked communities.

We will tell our stories, share our wisdom &

create narratives in our own voices &

through our unique & infinite means of expression.


We aim to honor, celebrate & uplift each other's talents, wisdom, voices, life experiences & contributions.

Your art is sacred.

Your voice is sacred.

Your existence is sacred.

This space is your altar.

Within the pages of our journal you will find gracious offerings from:

• artists creating art, images & words that speak unapologetically & fiercely to the times
• magical mystics who hold sacred space, ceremonies & rituals,
• wise ones with a deep knowledge of plant & animal medicines,
• healers working with the energies of mind, body & spirit,
• community builders & activists disrupting the current paradigm,
• mothers/parents who are nurturing, loving & teaching the next generation,
• unflinching passionate defenders & stewards of the Earth & more than human worlds
 • humble teachers, brujas/witches, poignant storytellers, radical change makers,
& so much more!